Eleazer Resurreccion

Eleazer Resurreccion, Ph.D
Faculty, College of Technical Sciences
Phone: 406-265-3540
Fax: 406-262-5927
Email: eleazer.resurreccion@msun.edu


Dr. Eleazer Resurreccion obtained his Doctor of Philosophy degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Virginia in 2013. His doctoral research is on the synergisms between algae-mediated bioenergy production and ecosystem services. In 2014, he joined the Johnson lab at the University of Minnesota Duluth as a postdoctoral fellow and as a 3M William L. McKnight distinguished visiting professor. His postdoctoral research is on systems-level modeling of wastewater systems. While in Virginia and Minnesota, he has taught several environmental engineering courses. Dr. Resurreccion earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of the Philippines Los Baños in 1999. He is currently an assistant professor of Civil Engineering Technology at Montana State University Northern.

His interest is on the area of renewable energy and environmental sustainability, particularly in the nexus of energy-water systems. He utilize an interdisciplinary systems approach that combines novel technology, environmental restoration, and economics to address challenges pertinent to these systems in an innovative manner. The application of these areas in industrial ecology allows him: (1) to perform both lab-scale investigations and multi-scale modeling of environmentally-conscious processes and (2) to implement environmental-economic modeling for policy analyses. Dr. Resurreccion use state-of-the-art equipment in fuels and materials research and utilize tools such as life cycle assessment (LCA) and techno-economic analysis in evaluating the life cycle impacts of bio-based energy systems, advanced materials technology, and sustainable engineered systems. His current research are: (1) synthesis of bio-based renewable aviation fuels from locally-grown industrial and agricultural oilseeds; (2) development of a sustainable approach in cultivation and processing of oilseeds for the production of fuel additives; and (3) evaluation of biomass-based phytoremediation of petroleum-impacted soils (PCS) and non-edible plant-based advanced materials production.

Selected Publication

    • Asiedu, A.; Stuart, B.; Resurreccion, E. P.; Kumar, S. “Techno-Economic Analysis of Protein Concentrate Produced by Flash Hydrolysis of Microalgae.” In preparation.
    • Colosi, L. M., Resurreccion, E. P., Zhang, Y. “Assessing the Energy and Environmental Performance of Algae-Mediated Tertiary Treatment of Estrogenic Compounds.” Environmental Science: Processes and Impacts 17, No. 2 (2015): 421-428.
    • Zhang, Y., Resurreccion, E. P., Habteselassie, M., Mantripragada, V., Peng, S., Bauer, S., Colosi, L. M. “Evaluating Removal of Steroid Estrogens by a Model Alga as a Possible Sustainability Benefit of  Hypothetical Integrated Algae Cultivation and Wastewater Treatment Systems.” ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering 2, No. 11 (2014): 2544-2553.
    • Resurreccion, E. P., Colosi, L. M., White, M. A., Clarens, A. F. “Comparison of Algae-Cultivation Methods for Bioenergy Production using a Combined Life Cycle Assessment and Life Cycle Costing Approach.” Bioresource Technology 126 (2012): 298-306.
    • Clarens, A. F., Nassau, H., Resurreccion, E. P., White, M. A., Colosi, L. M. “Environmental Impacts of Algae-Derived Biodiesel and Bioelectricity for Transportation.” Environmental Science and Technology 45, No. 17 (2011): 7554-7560.
    • Clarens, A. F., Resurreccion, E. P., White, M. A., Colosi, L. M. “Environmental Life Cycle Comparison of Algae to Other Bioenergy Feedstocks.” Environmental Science and Technology 44, No. 5 (2010): 1813-1819.

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